Checking into Relaxation Rehab

“No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the keys. “

The world is full of stressful situations and annoying people and instead of letting these things drive us crazy, we can choose to relax instead. I admit, I can be a stress-a-holic. At times I overthink, overexert and overachieve. I need relaxation rehab. Part of the reason why I am writing this blog is to relieve stress. Blogs are a good way to connect with others, vent about what drive us crazy and share ideas. Hopefully others will contribute to this blog and we can help each other through relaxation rehab.                                                                                                              

Hope you have a relaxing day!

In our quest to become more relaxed we must first identify stressors. Before we start blaming other people, let’s start with ourselves. Are you part of the problem? Yes! We need to evaluate our lives, recognize what drives us crazy and make changes.  

Self evaluation

Like many people, my days are defined by a “to do” list. Go to work…check. Run errands…check. Workout… check. Grab coffee with friend who constantly complains…annoyed check. Etc… Taking time to relax typically does not make the cut.

Recognizing stressors

If you are a high energy person, then the previous paragraph may mimic your daily routine. That’s great! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a packed schedule. High-energy people call that way of life, “motivated”. But we also have to recognize how much that go-go-go mentality contributes to stress, especially if you run around all day just so you can scratch off all the items on your checklist. Let’s recognize where the stress comes from and avoid it. If your daily “to do” list has too many items, prioritize and cut back. If your friend complains all the time and it gives you a headache, then go have coffee by yourself instead. Trust me, it will taste better without their nagging. Recognize what does not help you relax and, if possible, avoid it.

Make Changes

Many of us live our lives in overdrive. It’s time to calm down. Turn off the television, silence the cell phones, take a break from Facebook and Twitter and toss the checklist in the trash.

Take some “Me” time: Each day set aside at least 10 minutes of alone time. Take a walk, sit outside or make a Fort out of blankets and lay on the floor like a kid. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed. But the key is to use this time for your self. This is when you connect with your mind and body and release any tension or negative thoughts.

Exercise: If possible, workout first thing in the morning. Walk for 30 minutes or lift weights. This will get your mind and body moving and releases tension and stress.    

Breathe: Just take a deep breath and relax.

Hopefully this help. Please feel free to share relaxation tips or ideas. We are going to get through relaxation rehab. We have to, it’s on our “to do” list.  


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