Do These Tory Burch Sandals Match My Sports Bra?

Life is a balancing act. We balance our time between family and friends. Doctors tell us to eat a balanced diet. Career-driven people try to balance their professional and personal lives. With practice, patience and probably perseverance people achieve balanced lives.

Patent Leather Cassia Sandal

My struggle to find stability comes in the shape on a women’s size 11 shoe. I’m a young professional making her way up the career ladder. Like other working woman, it serves me well to maintain a professional appearance which means speak clearly, dress nicely and look as pretty as possible. That’s my professional life. 

On the other hand, my personal life is quite different. I love to play sports, wear sweatpants and walk around without wearing make-up. Can I get a high five from the athletic women? WooHoo! But how do us “Sporty Spice” girl-types find a balance between the inner tomboy and the outer beauty? Here are a few suggestions:

Find Your Personal Style – Don’t feel pressured to turn into a girly girl. It will just make you feel uncomfortable. Wear fitted or tailored clothes. Save the elastic pajama pants for the couch.

Wake Up to Make-Up – Get up 30 minutes earlier than you typically do so you can apply make-up. There’s no need to pile it on like a circus clown, but at least apply a “basic face”. This includes foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. Tip: Laura Mercier has a great line of lip gloss that can be worn alone or layered over another color.

Hair – Select a style that works for you and your workplace. You can’t go wrong with the sleek and straight look. Avoid pulling your hair back. I know…I know…Ponytails are so easy but save that hairdo for a rainy day.

Shoes – If you are similar to me, you will likely never master the tight-rope act of walking in 3 ½ inch stilettos. Don’t worry about it. Find a comfortable, stylish flat or low heel. There’s no need to wear high heel pumps like your “Posh Spice” look-a-like co-worker. If you try, it may cause you to stumble along your path to career success.

 Most importantly, be confident in your transformation. There are few things more beautiful than a woman who is secure with who she is and what she does. Once you find that balance between your personal style and professional look, then you are set. Being comfortable in your own skin never goes out of style.




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