OMG! The day my work spouse divorced me

You got served! Work divorce papers 

He didn’t tell me he was leaving. I heard it from another coworker.

“Are you going to be sad when “Kevin” is gone next week?” – my coworker said.

“What???” I replied in a confused manner”

“He’s leaving”.

I thought it was a joke. Then, Kevin confirmed it. My work husband was leaving. My heart dropped!

work spouse


A work spouse is a coworker, usually of the opposite sex, that you bond with. In the news business, reporters and photographers often develop that special connection. Kevin and I were like a dynamic duo. We spent countless hours in the car driving to and from train wrecks, crime scenes, city council meetings and other news stories. Some days were hectic and lonnnggggg. But we worked well together and got the job done.

Here’s a glimpse of our day on nightside.

2:30pm Afternoon meeting to discuss our story for the day

3pm Starbucks stop (A must!)

3:15 – 4:30 Shoot interviews and video

5-6pm – Live shots for the early shows

6:30-10pm Shoot more interviews, write and edit

10pm/11pm – Live shots for the evening shows 


Like any relationship, there were days when Kevin and I didn’t see eye to eye. However, we learned to accept and understand one another. Here are a few things I’ll miss about him.

1. He’s a perfectionist

Like any good coworker, he makes the people around him better. He’s creative and challenges me to view our job in a different way and be more productive.

2. He never complains about my annoying habits

Each day, I pack a bag full of salads, fruits and snacks in the car. While he drives, I crunch on apples/carrots, throw banana peels out the window and constantly talk about running/crossfit or my latest diet.

Imagine listening to this for an hour in the car: “I can’t have dairy this week, I’m doing the Whole 30.” Or “Can I smell your french fries? I can’t eat any but they look so good”. (Yep, these conversations really happened.” Other than the occasional disapproving head shake, he never complained.

3. Our secret language

As work spouses, we understood each other. Sometimes words weren’t needed. Head nods and glances were enough. For instance, when recording interviews, we’d shoot each other a quick look to say “That’s the soundbyte we want. Let’s go!”. 

LETTING GO          divorce

My work spouse is moving to L.A. to do television/film production. I wish him well and know he’ll do great. During our time together, he made work more enjoyable. Wherever he goes, I know “Kevin” will be an awesome work spouse. Congrats to his next coworker. Good luck friend!

(My work spouse’s name has been changed for this blog. His real name is not “Kevin”, but it does rhyme with it.)

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