Sorry, not sorry: Unapologetic Dater

Sooo as part of my New Year’s Resolution I promised to date more. Since I posted a comment on social media about it, I opened the door to opinions on my current relationship status – unapologetically single.

In an effort to “help”, some friends politely offered suggestions on ways to be “relationship” material. Advice included – focus less on looks, tone down your bluntness, doll yourself up more (Eye roll).

Never change who you are for someone else
Never change who you are for someone else

On the flip-side, other friends suggested – being yourself because the right person will love you flaws and all. That got me thinking…

Who am I: Fun, positive and outgoing. I love the outdoors and mentally stimulating conversations. I’m honest and straightforward. Conversations are not filtered.

Equally Yoked

I believe Boo-thang should encourage you to live life to the fullest and make no excuses.  They quickly call you out on your BS and expect you to do the same in return. Before Anyone Else (BAE) should be your equal. While you are awesome on your own – the two of you are better together.

After giving it some consideration, I’ve come to this conclusion:  Those excited by a high energy, confident women may be a good fit with me. If that does not interest you, that’s cool too boo (Swipe left, lol).

It’s okay. People want different things in relationships. I want someone who encourages me to learn more, live happier and love harder than I can possibly imagine. I want to live like Jay Z and Beyonce,  where we build each other up, push one another to excel and have fun doing it.  At the same time, I want boo to know that if you get out of line, my sister will pop yo a** in an elevator. Watch this –> Jay Z & Solange Elevator Attack

I’m not perfect, there are things we all could change to be better partners. However, it’s important to find someone who will love you for the way you are.  They’ll appreciate your quirks. Be you!


Why Confident Women Rock – read this if you want your dating life to improve

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