Simple Ways to Shape Up this Summer

It’s almost Summer Summer Summertime! With temperatures heating up, more people are getting out of the house and getting into “beach body” mode. But after spending the past few months indoors (binge-watching Modern Family or Empire), it can be a challenge getting into a workout routine. Don’t sweat it, this article will help inspire you to get your sweat on. I talked with two fitness experts about ways to get back into shape.

radiance (1)
Fitness Coach Radiance Harris

Radiance Harris is a trademark attorney who also runs an online health and fitness coaching business. She inspires people around the world to get healthy and fit using proven nutrition and fitness systems.

Valarie Elders is owner of VE fitness. She is a personal fitness trainer and nutritional specialist. She has gained a reputation for being a fun, energetic fitness coach who helps change lives through weight loss. She says “She eats clean to look lean and is too blessed to be stressed.”

  1. What tips would you give people who want to start an exercise routine after taking the winter off?

Harris: When getting back to your exercise routine, you’ll want to get a clear WHAT, WHY, WHERE and WHEN?

What – Identify your primary  health/fitness goals and determine WHAT you will do to accomplish those goals.

Why – Establish your motivating WHY. It will sustain you through those times when you don’t want to exercise. Ex: “I’m going to workout because I want to combat my family history of disease…I want to have enough energy to keep up with my kids.”

Where – Determine where you want to start. Consider starting your exercise routine at home with a workout DVD, fitness app. It also helps to find  an activity that you enjoy and doesn’t feel like “exercise” to you.

When – Schedule when you will workout in your calendar and treat it like a non-negotiable business meeting with yourself.

  1. How many days a weeks should people run or exercise after taking time off?

    valarie elders
    Personal Trainer Valarie Elders

Elders: Any exercise in moderation is ok. Start slow, go three days a week for 35 to 45 minutes.

Harris: It’s important to gradually move back into any exercise routine. Listen to your body and go at your own pace.

Harris provided a full body workout which can be done at home or anywhere:

Sample Workout:

Jumping Jackson or Rope – 60 seconds

Plank Hold (modified option: on knees) – 60 seconds

Push Ups (modified option: on knees) – 60 seconds

Squat Jumps – 60 seconds

Lunges – 60 seconds (alternating legs)

Repeat for 4 more sets.

See a sample workout video from Elders:

For more information about the fitness experts interviewed:

Radiance Harris: or

Valarie Elders:


 Author: Brie Jackson is an award-winning television journalist. She’s a marathon runner, former Division 1 college basketball player at the University of Maryland and advocate for women’s health. You can follow her on Facebook at Brie Jackson or on Instagram as @positivelybrie.


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