You can’t outrun a bad diet…I’ve tried

Two down…16 weeks to go. Week two of Boston Marathon training is in the books. This week, the weather was nice (50’s) so I was able to avoid running indoors on the treadmill. Woohoo! The training program is still in the “base building” phase so the runs were similar to last week – sprints, a mid-week aerobic run (10 miles) and a long run on the … Continue reading You can’t outrun a bad diet…I’ve tried

Run Brie Run…Some More

This past week kicked off my 18 week training cycle for the 2017 Boston Marathon. For years, I chased a dream of qualifying for the race. Last March it finally happened when I ran the DC Rock & Roll Marathon in 3:33:24. Woohoo! (Here’s my previous article about efforts to qualify) Since then, I celebrated by taking a break from distance running, breaking my diet(Yum!) … Continue reading Run Brie Run…Some More