You can’t outrun a bad diet…I’ve tried

Two down…16 weeks to go. Week two of Boston Marathon training is in the books. This week, the weather was nice (50’s) so I was able to avoid running indoors on the treadmill. Woohoo! The training program is still in the “base building” phase so the runs were similar to last week – sprints, a mid-week aerobic run (10 miles) and a long run on the weekend (13 miles).While rainy/cold  weather was a challenge the first week, this week eating properly was the biggest obstacle.

All smiles after finishing a long run  Christmas morning 


As part of this training cycle, I am following the Renaissance Periodization diet. It’s similar to nutrition programs that involve eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours. The RP plan mainly focuses on getting a certain amount of fats, proteins and carbs to meet your fitness goals. It varies based on weight, height, etc…


So how do you manage holiday dinners? Unfortunately, RP does not recommend macaroni & cheese (lots of cheese), “candied’ sweet potatoes, cheesecake or other delicious treats that my family typically has for Christmas. Since it was only week two of marathon training, I did not want to break my diet, at least not this soon. I had to figure out a way to stick to the meal plan this Christmas so I offered to cook. Lol!

I know what you’re thinking…just because I’m in training mode doesn’t mean my family should suffer. Instead of making healthy foods only, I decided to prepare my meal differently. For instance, before cooking the four cornish hens, I singled one out and seasoned it separately by adding less salt, etc. I also put aside a sweet potato to bake instead of adding it to the “candied” mix. In addition, I loaded my plate with salad so there wasn’t enough room for the mac & cheese. All which helped me to stay on track with my diet this holiday.

Picture from the Blue Ridge Marathon in 2016.  

I know from experience that following a healthy eating plan can play a key role in training for and eventually running 26.2 miles. Here’s a sample of my RP meal plan. It may look confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. I usually stick to a few quick & easy meals like grilled chicken, veggies, sweet potato. (TIP: I put sriracha on EVERYTHING. I adds some kick to any meal) Below are links to food programs you may want to consider.

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