Injuries, Ain’t nobody got time for that

T-minus 15 weeks until the Boston Marathon. Woohoo! This week the training plan included my first workout with increased intensity. It was an 8 mile run with 4 miles at a faster pace than usual. Some may refer to this type of workout as a “tempo-run” or “lactate threshold” (LT).

Here’s how I did the workout: 2 mile warmup, 4 miles (7:45-7:55 pace),  2 mile cool down.


This was my first time  doing a “comfortably-hard” run during this training cycle. While running,  I could tell that I was pushing my body harder. My heart rate was up, I was focused on my breathing and wasn’t able to hold a conversation. I also was NOT smiling. All signs that I working hard. lol!

After the run I felt good but later in the day I began to feel sore around my achilles-tendon. It was tender to the touch and hurt when I walked around. The pain continued into the next morning causing me to modify the day’s workout in order to give my foot time to rest. Instead of running 5 miles Wednesday, I did cross-training which included the stationary bike and lifting. While on the bike, I noticed that my achilles began to feel better after a few minutes of warming up. It made me think that the soreness may have been caused by a lack of proper stretching before/after the tempo run.

Throughout the rest of the week, I stretched more and monitored my foot to see how it felt. The discomfort has been diminishing and I was able to complete the weekend’s 14 miler without pain.

This re-emphasized the importance of stretching when exercising. My training routine now includes an extended warm-up routine which consists of leg swings, ankle circles, high knees and a mix of other static & dynamic stretches. I also ice and elevate my achilles foot daily. Hopefully, these steps will help prevent future injuries and allow me to run an injury-free marathon on April 17th.


Below are links to helpful stretches (videos included)



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