It was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

I won’t even try to sugar-coat this post. Week Six of Boston Marathon training was bad, real bad, partly because I spent most of the week on vacation. I know you’re thinking vacations should be relaxing and fun, right? As a creature of habit being out-of-town threw my eating, sleeping and exercise routine off which caused me to stress out about running (or lack thereof).

Life Happens.Let Go. Bounce Back

Last week, I missed a couple of training runs due to late nights out or lack of motivation. C’mon, I was on vacation. By Saturday night I reflected on the past week and began to worry a little. I looked at my training plan and felt a sense of disappointment because until last week I had done a good job of sticking to the program. Just when I was ready to  drown my sorrows in a box of pizza I thought about the fun times I had eating with family on vacation and truly relaxing my mind and body. That’s when I decided to let go of the worries and commit to moving on knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to make up for the lost runs but I can make sure to get back on track. Monday kicked off Week 7 of marathon training. New week, fresh start. Let’s do this!

Have you hit a roadblock in your exercise routine? Here are some ways to bounce back.

Ways to Shape Up Before Summer

Tricks to get Back on Track


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