Age ain’t nothin but a number, miles ain’t nothin but a thang

10 weeks to go until the Boston Marathon…Woohoo! Training is going well despite dealing with achilles tendon pain ( doing lots of R.I.C.E). I’ve spent years trying to qualify for the 26.2 mile race and on April 17th I will finally get the chance to run it.

“Man up Buttercup”

Training for a race of any distance can be physically and mentally demanding. Years ago I set my mind to doing whatever it takes to qualify for Boston. Reaching that goal took time, patience and breaking through some mental/physical barriers.

Those who’ve followed my running journey closely will recall the earlyyyy morning runs with Johnathan which often included speed workouts. He’s a fast runner so trying to keep within a certain distance of him was a challenge. My pride wouldn’t allow me to completely eat his dust. If I’d fall to far behind the competitive voice in my head would say “Man Up Buttercup” causing me to run faster and push past the comfortable running pace.  Increasing my mental toughness has become key in getting past “the wall” in marathon running.

Age ain’t nothin but a number, youngin

img_63381My long-time running partner Mark and I are about 30 years apart in age. At first glance we may seem like an “odd running couple” but his experience in running marathons combined with my pop culture knowledge make for a good time. lol! We enjoy engaging in friendly competition during our runs. I’ve spent countless hours staring at the back of Mark’s colorful shoes while trailing him up the steep hills in Roanoke. On the flip side there are times when I’m speeding past him up Mill Mountain. That’s one of the cool things about running – it can be a great equalizer. Some days age, weight and height don’t matter. In the end, finishing comes down to determination and heart.


Mark has run the Boston Marathon roughly a dozen times or more. April 17, 2017 will be my first time. By example he and others have shown me that in running and in life it’s important to leave excuses behind and push through barriers to reach our goals. Go get em!



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