Run Brie Run…Some More

This past week kicked off my 18 week training cycle for the 2017 Boston Marathon. For years, I chased a dream of qualifying for the race. Last March it finally happened when I ran the DC Rock & Roll Marathon in 3:33:24. Woohoo!

(Here’s my previous article about efforts to qualify)

Dad and I after the DC Rock & Roll Marathon. He waited for me at the finish line.

Since then, I celebrated by taking a break from distance running, breaking my diet(Yum!) and packing on a few pounds (Don’t ask how much!!!). Now, it’s time to return to marathon training mode which includes longer distances, faster runs and eating better.

I was grateful to have family, friends and others show their support by following my previous running adventures. So over the next 18 weeks, I’ll post videos and blogs to keep you updated on Boston Marathon training. I promise to keep it real by telling the good, bad and ugly of the workouts and dieting. Here ya go!

WEEK ONE: I was excited to get back on track with eating and exercising. I slacked off quite a bit during the summer months and struggled to get focused. I think having a “goal race” motivated me. While I prefer running in cooler temperatures compared to the summer heat, training during the winter months can be a challenge because of weather conditions. For instance, due to cold/windy weather, I did my 9 mile mid-week run on the treadmill. Boring! Not a fan of treadmill runs. I worked in some intervals and watched T.V. to help the time go by. The weather also made Saturday’s long-run a bit challenging because some of the roads/sidewalks were slippery from freezing rain the night before. This caused me to run at a slower pace than usual to avoid slick spots along the route. But overall, the week went well and I stuck to the training plan. Here’s a look at the marathon-plan I’m following.

WEEK 1.png
First three weeks of 18 week training plan I’m doing

Keep in mind, there are various levels of programs designed to help people of all fitness levels. I added some links to popular plans that range from beginners to experts. They also include training plans for marathons, half-marathons and 5k races. I hope others join in on this fitness journey and share their stories along the way. Let’s do this!





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